Mouthwash: Not Just for Oral Health

January 24, 2020

MouthwashAs you may already know, mouthwash can never do the same job of brushing and flossing. It’s best used as a supplement to your oral care routine, not a replacement, helping to rinse away debris and freshen breath.

It can, however, fill in for other household and personal care products for a fraction of the cost.

The Beginnings of Mouthwash

Mouthwash was first invented in 1879 to be used as a surgical disinfectant. It wasn’t until much later that it was discovered to also be a great antibacterial mouth rinse.

If you’re in-the-know, it can also be used for many other applications, saving you time and money. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even prefer using your multipurpose mouthwash for some of these! Here are five of our favorite alternative uses. Note that you will need to use an alcohol-based rinse to be effective.

Five Alternative Uses for Mouthwash

  1. Athlete’s Foot Treatment: The alcohol and antiseptic ingredients found in traditional mouthwash are also very effective at treating fungal infections. To use, simply soak a cotton ball and dab it on the affected areas on your feet.
  2. Deodorant: Believe it or not, another one of mouthwash’s earliest uses was deodorant. Ingredients like methyl salicylate, eucalyptol and thymol kill odor-causing bacteria, fighting bad breath as well as body odor. You can use a cotton ball to swipe the solution onto your underarms in a pinch.
  3. Dry Scalp Treatment: Eucalyptol is also a useful ingredient for treating dandruff—as dandruff is caused by fungus similar to athlete’s foot. However, for this remedy, you will want to dilute the mouthwash in a solution of 1-part mouthwash, 1-part witch hazel and 8-parts water. Place in a spray bottle, shake it up and spritz into your roots and scalp.
  4. Washing Machine Refresher: That musty odor your washing machine develops over time can be mitigated with a capful of alcohol-based, sugar-free mouthwash in your next load. Just make sure you don’t put it in a load you are worried about staining as the dye in mouthwash could stain your clothes!
  5. Fresh Flower Enhancer: Have a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers you want to extend the life of? Add a capful of mouthwash to the vase of water your flowers sit in to help control the bacteria that causes them to break down.

We hope this helps to open your mind to the multidimensional uses of mouthwash beyond oral health!