Holiday Foods to Avoid This Season

December 21, 2020

It’s now the most wonderful time of the year! Part of the holiday festivities is eating, drinking, and celebrating – but do so cautiously! This year we need to follow […]

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Relax! Root Canals Aren’t So Bad

July 12, 2020

Root canals are known for being unpleasant, but this misconception is far from reality. We hate to see our patients upset and anxious over a pain-free and low-risk procedure. We’re […]

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Lady getting teeth examined

Oral Health Gift Guide

December 13, 2019

Oral health gifts are an overlooked idea, but we think it can work if you choose the right gift. And if you think about it, it makes sense! The most […]

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Christmas Teeth

Can I Use My HSA at the Dentist?

January 5, 2019

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can be a great way to save on medical expenses. Americans commonly use these accounts to cover items like hearing aids, prescription medications, or doctors visits. But […]

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