Oral Surgery

Choosing an Oral Surgeon in Aurora, Colorado

Panorama Dental is a full-service dental office in Aurora with all the specialists you need under one roof, including an oral surgeon. With all the experts in one place, you will get the best service from a trusted group of professionals. Most patients visit the oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal or implants. Other services include corrective jaw surgery & TMJ treatment, oral pathology, tooth extraction and more.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in a Comfortable Office

Oral SurgeonWisdom teeth are your “third molars” that develop on each side of the jaw. These usually appear between the ages of 16 and 20. In many cases, the jaw is not large enough to make room for these wisdom teeth, which can result in some oral issues.

Wisdom teeth removal is a routine procedure.

Why Should I Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

When wisdom teeth do not properly come in, they may grow sideways, partially emerge from the gum, or even remain trapped beneath the gum and bone. These poorly positioned, impacted teeth can cause many problems, including swelling, stiffness, pain, and illness. The pressure from the erupting wisdom tooth may move other teeth and disrupt the orthodontic or natural alignment of teeth. One serious problem that can also occur is when tumors or cysts form around the impacted wisdom tooth, resulting in the destruction of the jawbone and healthy teeth.

That being said, early removal of wisdom teeth is recommended to avoid future problems and decrease surgical risks.

Schedule an Appointment With an Oral Surgeon

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